Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hammers & Pins & Scraps OH MY!

 Here again with another crafty kid edition!
Yes...I am starting to be exhausted of crafting with the kiddos....
but it's SO WORTH IT!
This little craft has been a fun one for little boys.
made with vintage feed sack fabric covered buttons.
Pretty cute huh?
 I just LOVE vintage feed sack fabrics, don't you?
These were a few scraps leftover from a project I did earlier this year.
The scraps were found in various shops on
I found the pins and the great little button kits
for a very affordable price.
We gathered our supplies....the HAMMER being THE most important tool of all!
Elliot, all hammered out...
 Elliot had so much fun with a tinker's hammer tapping all the little backs of the self covering buttons into place....he earned some game time before bed!
Tristan also earned a little game time before bed.
The hardest part for kids is waiting for the glue to dry so they can
what the finished product looks like.
I have to admit, I did the glueing here....this glue is too toxic for little men to work with.
you can rest assured they covered every button themselves!
I'm not sure if they'd even have let me do it.....
they were having WAY too much fun
snapping those buttons into place and
 tapping tapping tapping away with the hammer!

 Wondering why two little boys are making push pins?

 We're working on buying one of those little goats and a pair of chickens!
Can it be done?
We'll see!
Lots of love, fun, and smiles went into this craft.
I think they're adorable, don't you?
What a fun path this whole craft show idea has made
 for the boys and I....
we are having fun making a
"craft- a -day"
Tristan calls it.
Hoping we'll get a good turn out for the show?
A little prayer for a busy show and generous shoppers would be
much appreciated.

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