Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Best EVER Candy Cane Kiss Cookies!

Oh Me Oh My...
these are the BESTEST Candy Cane Cookies E V E R!!!
The boys are working SO hard on the crafts/baked goods that they will be selling this
Saturday the 3rd of December from 10:30-12:30.
This recipe is SO easy...but looks and tastes SO festive!
You must try it....or....of course you can come and purchase some cookies from the boys too!
We love any recipe that requires a
Each boy took turns beating the poor little Candy Canes to death.
Washing of hands
( numerous times throughout the process )
was a required step by Mommy the Master Chef.
Once clean and dry we had fun rolling the dough into little balls
& then
rolling those little balls in
you guessed it,
S U G A R!
Baking the cookies was the hardest part
(because of the waiting required).
Then each cookie got a quick
Once the cookies and kisses had cooled, each one was placed with care into a
sweet little glassine bag & sealed with Japanese Washi Tape.
I found these little lovelies over on Etsy at
Coolest part about this purchase?
Soury, the gal who runs the shop....was so sweet to ship the items quickly.
When I told her what the boys were up to, she mentioned that they too support a child
through World Vision.
How cool is that?!
be sure to mark your calendars:
The boys are really excited to sell the cookies
(among many other items)
at the craft show.
They are trying to raise $100.00 to purchase:
yep, a goat and 2 chickens from
Think they can do it?
My theory?.....
if God wants them to do it....they will!
They've been praying and praying to earn at least $100.00,
they earn more than that....they get to keep the overage.
How exciting!
I thought I should add this tempting thought....
....if you're not a candy cane type of person...
well, there are always the monster cookies!
Hope to see you there!
Want to make your own Candy Cane Kiss Cookies?
Find the awesome recipe
( We substituted crushed candy canes for the chopped kisses, and omitted the peppermint extract.)
Looking for the
Monster Cookie Recipe?
Find it
( we used red and green M&Ms....super duper festive!)
Happy Baking!


  1. What joy my friend...and such wonderful memories. I have this event on my calendar....would love to come...not sure if time allows..a vintage fair here that day and off to get our tree.
    My spirit will be there! xoxoxo HUGS and well wishes for you all.

  2. What a sweet thing the kids are doing. The cookies are beautiful and I am sure will be a hit at the show.

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