Monday, November 28, 2011

On My Porch this Christmas...

Just thought I'd Welcome you to my Porch this Christmas!
I often don't have enough time to decorate my own home the way I'd like to as most of my time away from mommy-ing and wife-ing is spent at
this year I was bound and determined to decorate my lovely front porch no matter how long it took!
I was so happy to pull out the wreath I made last year and hang it by my front door!
 I also hung COLORFUL old fashioned C-9 style Christmas lights!
I know...I know...white is what most folks prefer....but honestly...I've decorated award winning light displays my whole adult life with white lights...and as much as I love them on other folks' homes,
I just get a little bored with them.
Our house is buttery yellow with a green metal roof & raspberry red doors;
it just screams for COLOR!
 I pull out my vintage collection of retro quilts & throws to cover my
ratty antique wicker...
 ....and I hang large glittered red bells from each post.
I have a really cool Wool Felt Merry Christmas table runner from a few years back at
and hang it like a sign on an old glider rocker.
( All my old wicker and seating, some of which are not shown behind me in the photo, are all found at junk shops, garage sales, or dumpster diving! I've had the wicker settee since I was about 21 & only paid $20.00 for it! Nice huh? :)

 While I was taking these photos...little
Miss Olive
( Yes, as in: Olive.... the other Reindeer! )
was sitting rather patiently yet intently watching for the mailman... out mailman,
for although my home is sorta sweet and candy-like this
Christmas Season...
the little ankle biter
might not be!
Sending you all very
Merry Christmas Greetings...
Cozy Happy Holidays,

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