Friday, January 27, 2012

How Big Can You Dream?

Just one of the scents we carry at Grandiflora right now, from the Thymes.
Once upon a time....there was a girl.
She had a dream...her dream was to find all the prettiest things she could find, and combine them together in new ways all under one roof.
As she grew & found her way in the world of decorative goods, she joined forces with those closest to her...her mother and two sisters.
Together they formed a place where the charms of yesteryear colide with the trends of today.
That place is called:
nearly 12 years after they began...they feel like they are still just getting started; because at
everyday is a chance for something new....with new beginnings.
Frankly, they don't know if  they'll ever grow tired of it.

New little lovelies in the shop right now....
In case you didn't know....Grandiflora is my shop; I was that girl.
I am so blessed to share the responsibility of curating lovelies with my
sister La Von, and my mother Jan.
Grandiflora is located in a historical building here in our hometown of
We are also stretching our horizons at our new web shop called
it's still just a baby...and we are growing it everyday...
our dreams are
So why don't you head on over and check it out sometime,
 either in person or online.
We'd love to have you come and share a part of our dream.

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