Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coming Soon: Gatherings Magazine Feature

the time has come for me to give a little well deserved shout out to a great lady & all her hard work.
I think it's high time that I give you a heads up on something
that is coming your way
The ever talented and highly stylish
is soon to release her next issue of Gatherings magazine.
I am SO excited for this!
First off, Heather is an absolute kindred spirit.
Secondly, this magazine is truly delicious for every person who loves good design.
Thirdly, and with great trepidation and nervousness...
the coming issue will be featuring some photos from
yours truly.
I am biting my nails here folks....puttin' myself out there.
Well, wish me luck...but more importantly head on over to
to see what all the hub bub is about & to get the proper link to subscribe.
( Only $4.00 for a whole year's subscription!!)
You can also view the past issues free!
I think you'll love
Heather's style,
drop her a note of encouragement and say Trisha sent you....
she's about to become a first time mama anyday now!
Whoo Hoo!
Stay tuned for more news soon....magazine releases in a few days!
( More nail biting....)


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  1. it looks great-i'll have to check out the past issues when i get a bit more time.thanks for the links, and for stopping by!


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