Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sew, Have You Shown Your True Colors Lately?

"People are like sewing boxes, it's what's inside that counts."
- Trisha Brink
 I think you've all sort of figured out by now I'm a woman who loves color....right?
This little sewing box I've got for sale right now over at
got me thinking.....
It's interesting how we sometimes have a difficult time showing our
No....I'm not talking about actual colors...but more sincerely
we really are.
If there's one thing I dislike when I meet folks is:
 someone who is
You know what I mean?
don't worry....
I'm not talking about any one person here
( relax all my near and dear friends and recent aquaintances :)
It's just those folks who pretend to care, but are too wrapped up in themselves to actually notice you.
And then
B O O M!!!
There it was....the inescapable thought that I may have been that person to someone else!??!?!
( Let me just insert here the apology I owe you if I have been that person to you....I am mortified!)
I have found that if I want to be treated in a certain way,
then it makes perfect sense to treat others in that way too.
Boy oh Boy....I DO have alot of work to do though!
Sometimes however...
I am horribly guilty of not being fake, but more often than not,
which generally freaks people out as well!
( Just remember, God isn't finished with me yet. :)
What am I really trying to say here???
I'm not really sure either.
I do know this:
I need to find a happy medium & balance.
Somewhere between fake and over-do-i-nate.
You know....
R E A L.
As I said before...
People are like sewing boxes, it's what's inside that counts.
I like people
(as well as sewing boxes)
to be real.
Don't you?
So let's not judge sewing boxes
( or people )
by what's on the outside
(or by the first impression either!)
let's come to the conclusion as to a person's character by opening them up through time and conversation...
 ...and therefore....by what's on the inside...
a soft, pink, cushy place where the keys to creativity live with sometimes pokey pins and needles.
( I will be working right along side of you on this....)
R E A L.

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  1. Oh I could not agree more my friend...and you are the real deal...that is why we love you so much. And overly passionate is WONDERFUL!
    Your collection of baskets are adorable!
    Happy weekend...xoxoxoxo


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