Sunday, March 4, 2012

Selina Lake's Homespun Style: I Pinky Swear It's Great!

I can honestly say that I havn't been more excited about a book release in...
....I've NEVER been this excited about a book release!
Not only do I adore the books that
puts out....this subject is near and dear to my heart as well!
I am a crafty chica who loves all things made pretty with love and elbow grease.
imagine my happiness when my favorite stylist decides to put out a book about it?!
Not only that,
is the talented photographer who captured the vignettes,
along with the easy to read
who was somehow able to put it all into words actually worth reading.
I preordered my copy
MONTHS ago when I was told it would be coming available.
You can order a signed copy of the book from
Selina's Etsy Shop, or get a copy from your favorite bookseller.
I was simply tickled pink to find my copy yesterday on the doorstep!
I've been going through it over and over admiring all the pretties.
So many of the talented homeowners are folks I admire and chat with on a regular basis over on Flickr. We all seem to share an affinity for things homespun.
I will warn you however....
if you buy this book,
you'll find yourself doing all sorts of crazy pretty things around the house!
I found myself cutting quilt squares today when I should've been doing some dishes!
This book could be hazardous for your organized life....
oh well....
nothing in my home will ever be perfect anyway....
so I might as well make what I do have pretty!
I'm also more than a little happy to mention that Selina has been true to her
sweet disposition by mentioning some resources to find more inspiration and supplies for recreating this fun look. 
I am thankful, humbled and honored to be among the named.
Although Selina (whom I've come to know as a happy new friend) lives halfway accross the globe, she has been kind enough to include not only my Blog, but my Etsy shop Ollie Bollen
& our shop
Thanks so much Selina, like I've said're such a Peach!
I hope you will all head right out and get your copy, because we'll be discussing it here quite a bit if you ask me. I simply love this look myself....but even if the bright colors are not for you and you love creams, neutrals, blacks, browns, or muted can truly find inspiration in the displays and convert them to your own color scheme instead.
I challenge you to check it out sometime soon.
You won't regret it, I pinky swear!


  1. congrats on the book mention!
    it looks great ~ can't wait to get a copy :)

  2. Hello :)
    Trust me to have a blog break just as things start to get very exciting...I'm off to take a peek around your lovely blog now...I'll be back xxxxxxx

  3. WOW, Trish! What a triple honor! I will have to check this book out! Congrats! Chris

  4. Thanks Chris! Pretty fun and funky...but I think it's a hit. Selina also has two other books out just now "Bazaar Style" also fun and funky & "Romantic Style" which may be a bit more up your alley. I love them all! She's so talented!! Have a great day! :)

  5. Jane, thanks so much for visiting! :) I have been on a bit of a hiatus as much to do so little time! Anyway...I'm happy we can be blog buddies...and looking forward to seeing whatever you'll be up to next! :)

  6. Thanks so much're always such a great encourager, and you are much appreciated! Been seeing lots of your goodies floating around Pinterest etc....hope you are well and having fun?! Cheerio dearie & have a great week! :)


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