Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Little White Paint Never Hurt Any Space....

 Hello + Hello!
Well, here it is.
The post I've been wanting to share for quite a long time.
Just recently I took on the
task of going through my stockpile of unruly supplies...
it was a mess to go through it all.
This is a shot of the horrible task of piling it up...going through every piece...making a huge mess,
piling it up again in some sort of order
(sorry didn't get a shot of that).
But it was worth it to clear out the room for painting!
I should also mention that this Bungalow is 99 years old this year;
can you imagine how many coats of paint are on this woodwork?
 I decided to don the room in solid
I love that look for an office/studio space.
armed with brushes and rollers I went to it.
Bear in mind that this was my hubby's old "den" if you will.
The colors were drab olive on the walls, black trim
a Harley Davidson orangey-peach on the ceiling!
I can't tell you how many gallons of paint I've gone through....
but I can tell you that it's taken me 4 coats of paint on every surface to get rid of that color!
 I've been thrilled to see the dark colors go away!
I used to have a lovely craft room in my old house, and when we moved to this one 12 years ago,
I had a beautiful one upstairs which then became my son's room...and then the other one became my other son's room!
I asked my husband if he'd be kind enough to sacrifice his "den" for me so I could have a space.
He promptly said yes and moved into the unfinished basement.
What a guy huh?
now I have the opportunity to shine!
I've been painting for days here.
He was also willing to paint the ceiling for me...I LOVE this man!!!
 I'm not officially done as of much more to do before I can move my stuff back in...
...I'm getting really close!
Here's where I had to hang a couple of things on the wall just to see what the room might look like.
I'm SO IMPATIENT to have it be done!
Hopefully next time I'll take photos for you with the big
camera so you can see better than with these hazy Instagram shots.
Until then, pray that 4 coats is enough,
I don't think I can take a 5th!


  1. painting is a lot of hard work but the results are worth it! looks great :)

  2. I saw all your office inspiration pics on pinterest. I know you will make this a very pretty room. Can't wait to see what you do.

  3. Oh my goodness..this is going to be nothing short of amazing...can't wait to see your magic my friend. xoxoxo


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