Monday, July 23, 2012

A Weekend Making Jewelry with Instagram

 Hello + Hello!
Wow this past week was SUPER busy for me...
I feel terrible that I haven't been here more lately.
Summer is just that way though isn't it?
At least it is here in the Pacific Northwest...
...when the sun finally decides to shine???.... are out in it as much as you can be!
However we've had some grey days too.
when I wasn't working at
I was at home working on lots of different things,
like this fun jewelry I'm about to show you!
Above you'll see some cute little retro 60's glitter buttons
 I've turned them into the cutest sets of earrings.

 Here is a set of earrings and a sweet seed bead bracelet in gold and mint.
These colors are SO HOT right now don't you think???
I see it everywhere on the web, but have yet to see any of my local peeps snatching it up.
( At least not any of them over the age of 25)
We'll see how these do at the store?
Yep, did I mention that I sell my jewelry at
our shop
I used to sell jewelry like this online with Etsy...
...but now the market there is saturated with jewelry,
I pulled it and went strictly local with it.
What do you think?

 Some of the younger minded folks shopping at Grandiflora would more than likely go for these sweeties with the mint or hot pink and geometric silver beads...
 As always, I try my own jewelry on to make sure it will fit.
I have a very large frame with a big bone if it's too small it will fit most normal people and if it fits me.....well it will surely fit anyone who's either super tall like me...
or needs to shed a few pounds
 (which could also be construed as being like me! lol!)
Personally I thought the peachy pinks and minty greens were a perfect match for my
 Sometimes a little less color and a bit more shimmer are in order.
I loved the bows, the geometrics and especially the
natural pyrite raw stones here.
These are just a few of the earrings and bracelets I made.
I think I made over 40 pairs of earrings & 18 bracelets?!?!?!
It was a busy weekend!
 I got a little wild and crazy with wire wrapping random beads this time.
So I decided to go ahead and whip them up into bracelets.
And as always, Instagram never let me down for a minute!
Normally this is the sort of stuff that you'd never see me photograph with my regular big camera.
It seems so labor intensive to take the photos with the big camera and then edit them to upload to blogger.
With instagram it's so simple!
Granted the photos aren't as crystal clear or as colorful....
but like I said before,
if I didn't have my Droid Razr to take these lovely little shots to upload them to
you wouldn't be seeing them at all because I wouldn't have bothered.
Don't worry there will be days where I  still use the big camera
because nothing can compare!!!
Anyone else have a passion for Instagram?
Or for jewelry?
Maybe it's just me....
stay tuned for more to come.
I've been instagramming a ton of stuff lately and will have to continue to update you on
all the happenings!
Remember you can always view what I'm up to over on
if you don't have a smart phone yet.
if you are on Instagram you can find me as
Hope to see you over there!


  1. these are so sparkly & cute!

    i haven't tried instagram yet but i've seen so many great photos that are inspiring!

    thanks for stopping by :)

    1. Thanks Andrea, whenever I get 2 minutes to rub together I always enjoy popping over to see you! :)


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