Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Birthday Weekend Filled With Fun!

 Hello + Hello!
Hope you are all off to a magnificent start this week?
I know I am!
I had a super fun weekend spent with loved ones thrifting, travelling & decorating.
Some of my favorite things!
I went thrifting with my mom & sisters on Saturday for the whole day and had a blast!
We found all sorts of treasures, one of which was the chair above,
 which is headed into Grandiflora soon!
 Sunday was spent out on Eliza Island in the San Juans here in Washington State
with my awesome in-laws.
We ate fresh crab and chatted while being surrounded by the beautiful island views.
 Monday was spent doing more picking for the shop...who knows what all this stuff will turn into
 We ate at a wonderful little restaurant called
which serves Vietnamese food in reference to the French influence from back in the day.
We had a bit of salted caramel gelato as well...but I didn't get a photo,
it was gone too quickly!
 I filled more than 3 carts this weekend with good thrifty finds for either myself or my
Etsy shops
This cart just screamed Fall to me...so it's the one I'm showing you here...
view my Instagram photos over on Webstagram for more views.
Last but not least I spent some time relaxing with my hubby and boys in my easy chair
with my new pillow (bought with some birthday money).
We had a delicious dinner, I watched magic tricks and listened to music composed just for me!
It was a wonderful weekend all around,
I can honestly say I haven't enjoyed a birthday this much for a long time.
Thanks to all who made it possible,
I am very thankful to friends and family like you!
Cheers to you all!


  1. I adore that chair you bought for Grandiflora. It's incredible. Looks like you had a great birthday. I have that same pillow....Pier 1. I loved it the first time I saw it when it came in. Good thing you got it. We aren't carrying it any more and I got our last one. We always like the same things!

    1. Hey Nita! :). Yep I got the last one at our local shop too! I did have a fabby weekend...and I wish I had a spot for that gorgeous chair in my own place :( oh well someone will get lucky. So happy you stopped by, & you are right...great minds think alike! :D

  2. Ahhh that aqua chair is just fantastic! :)

    Wish I loved closer to your fab shop. :(


    1. OooOooo...thanks so much Jenny! I wish we lived closer too b/c I'm sure we could have lots of fun together. :)


  3. So glad your birthday was amazing..perfect ways to spend it my friend. HUGS


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