Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Autumn Sign Giveaway Contest, Enter To Win!

Hello + Hello!
Just wanted to stop in and say happy (Autumn) weekend!
Isn't it miraculous how things change so quickly sometimes?
I feel like it was just August, and now September is almost over.
I love September here in the Pacific Northwest!
It's almost always sunny & dry...but not too hot.
Oh well, October brings more rain...but all the festivities of Fall too.
I am looking forward to visiting my cousin's
Pumpkin Patch
eating fresh pie!
I love to wander in the corn maze and apple fields with my boys,
 and drink their fresh apple cider.
If you are local & happen to get the chance, you simply must visit their farm called
I must admit, few places really impress me the way I want to be swept off my feet.
I want it all when I go for an outing...I think that is because I'm a creative person.
I can guarentee you that this is
Pumpkin Farm to Top All Pumpkin Farms!
(my cousin)
has thought of everything!
(and her hard working surrounding family has helped her to make it a reality)
I often tell people that if they like the way that our family shop
is, then they will
her pumpkin farm!!!
We come from the same creative hard working stock...and you can tell.
Stoney Ridge is not to be missed.
The animals, the hay rides & the friendly workers are just the tip of the iceberg.
How about making it a day?
Head to Grandiflora for some shopping, and then top your day off with a visit to their cool farm?!
I think you would be in
Autumn Bliss!
They open next week Thursday October the 4th.
What is your favorite part about Autumn?
I like all the things listed in the Autumn Sign I've made.
If you do too...then leave me a comment below
you'll be entered to win one of my 8 x 10 Autumn signs.
They come in perky color (above)
candy corn color (below)
This contest will last through the weekend until
 Monday morning October 1st at 9 AM
(Pacific Standard Time)
at which time I will choose and announce a winner at random.
If you are the winner, I will send you this sign no matter where you live!
(or if you are a local, you can pick it up at Grandiflora)
Also note: your sign will NOT have my T.B.D. watermark embedded into it.
Good luck to you,
 and make sure you leave your comment below to be entered to win
 your choice of color ways:
I look forward to hearing about your favorite things to do in the Autumn!
Cheers my friends & once again,
Happy  Weekend!!
Want to get your hands on a sign right away?
Head into my brick and mortar shop Grandiflora to score one, or head over to my
Etsy shop
to find one.
Thanks for visiting!


  1. We have two big happenings in Autumn...we have a dairy farm, so that means field work! Lots of it!! But we also have a huge pumpkin carving party in October just before Halloween. It is so much fun. We set it up in our shop. Line hay bales along hay wagons so the kids have something to stand on...and all of our friends, family and neighbors come. It is a fun night for kids and adults. What started out as a fun family night, has now turned into something that we get phone calls for, "Are you having your party this year?" We love it!!
    I also love your sign!! So very cute! Thanks for the chance to win it. :)
    Happy Autumn!

  2. Obviously I LOVE Autumn! Thus my daughters name! It is by far my favorite season! I have to say my fav thing about fall are the smells! Love the smell of leaves and the cold crisp air along with all the yummy food scents and candles and such! Erin Bode

  3. Hi,
    Looks like you and I are almosr neighbors. I am living in Burlington, WA.
    My favorite fall thing is definately Apple Cider!!! Favorite!

  4. Enter, enter , enter!!!! How fun!

    Let's see...what do I love most about fall???? Don't even know where to begin! Everything! I guess just looking forward to the busyness of summer being over. Being able to be inside instead of out and creating that homey, nesting feeling that accompanies the changing season. I love to festoon my home inside and out, light the candles and have joyful music playing. Pumpkin bars (oh, man I should quit making these!), homemade soups and bread, a fire in the fireplace (if it would get cold enough!) and having my little family gathered 'round.
    Tis truly my favorite season of all!!!

    P.S. Loved pulling out all my Grandiflora goodies this year!!! Got so many compliments on them at bunco last night...sending people your way!

  5. Love the sign... and your loves... Mine are sweaters for sure, scarves and fleece, crisp and sunny days with a hint of wood smoke in the air, leaves turning and falling, pumpkin anything (except lattes... sorry starbucks), apple cider made from honeycrisp apples, curling up on the sofa with my kindle on a blustery and wet day, Thanksgiving with my family, the day after Thanksgiving shopping with my daughter and for some reason feeling like the start of a new year... perhaps from the days of my childhood and my own kids first days of school each year!


  6. I love the candy corn color sign! Summer is my fav, but all the fun things about fall make it not so bad when the weather starts to get colder. I love the decorating!

  7. T h e leaves, the fog, the football, the cool mornings, knowing Christmas is just around the corner, and my birthday!
    Tricia J.

  8. The falling of autumn leaves and watching the combines harvesting acres of corn and soybeans in Iowa. Busy trying new recipes- pumpkin bars, crustless pumpkin pie, candied butternut squash. Tasted the Best PEACH cobbler while visiting Prosser last week along with a quick stop at SISTERS for a FALL outfit! And while visiting family in Lynden, GRANDFLORA is always a fun place to shop and inspire the creativity for decor. Love it! exiting with only a new pair of reading glasses and German glitter letter and butterfly( carry on is limited), they gave that added touch to my scrapbook paper/canvas photo wall decor. Next week its off to the Pumpkinland and corn maze with the grandkids. Can't wait to see their SMILES!

  9. I love the smell, the colors, the coziness...and of course visiting Stoney Ridge!!!

  10. Love the leaves falling, soup and of fall decor. That's why the candy corn colored sign would be PERFECT for me!

  11. Fall = turning my oven on & baking again, burning pumpkin spice candles and going to football games. I love how your sign sums it all up! -Heidi

  12. I love the decorations and how cozie it is! Love curling up in a blanket romance novel in hand and Apple cider in the other!

  13. I love fall. I love snuggling under a warm blanket with something hot to drink, I love decorating my front porch with pumpkins, I love the colors, plus it means closer to Christmas and family time. what's not to love :)

  14. Pumpkin Spice Latte!!! And hot chai....and hot apple cider!! Basically anything hot, spiced, and served in a cozy mug :) love the sign, nice job!

  15. New soups, New Pumpkin Baking (and lattes), Decorating for Fall, Thanksgiving, Crisp New Apples.

    Love the sign. It's perfect, perfect, perfect!

  16. I love the cooler weather, the smell of burning leaves, and actually getting to bake without the house getting too hot :-/. Great giveaway, thanks for the chance to win :-).

  17. My daughter just asked me this question last night! She said pumpkin pie and apple cider. I had to agree with her. But my favorite part is all the fun stuff we get to do together!

  18. I love all the things you love plus all things pumpkin spice....lattes, candles, muffins, etc.! (Oh and I love your sign!)

    Tammy Z

  19. Fall tweaks the senses: crisp, cool, clean air; sounds of beautiful leaves falling...ever so quietly; textured pumpkins; warm, cozy fires; tasty, earthy foods. It's home-time.....


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