Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September is Birthday Season!

Hello + Hello!
Here it is...
Did you know that September is always Birthday Month to me?
I have two sisters...yep...two, and only two.
The three of us have always giggled at the fact that we are all born in
(We are thinking that mom and dad REALLY  liked New Year's Eve!)
because we all have our birthdays in the month of September,
I always seem to reckon this month to a
Birthday Month.
In honor of this, I've created some new
Birthday Cards with photos I've taken in the past.
I just wanted to share one of my favorites with you today:
"Doily Delish"
makes me happy for all sorts of reasons.
I collect colorful doilies when I'm out thrifting.
The work that has gone into them is incredibly amazing don't you think?
( I collect white/cream ones too...but they just don't have the
"colorful" personality that colored ones do.)
I also love this print because my doily cake was a totally original idea.
my hairbrained mind came up with the thought of doilies being stacked on top of one another
as layers of cake frosting... all by it's lovely self!
(Sometimes I worry about my brain...all that fluffy stuff in there can't be good for me!)
Also loveable in the photo,
are the dishes.
I collect them as my mother grew up with them.
Apparently, my grandmother had them.
They came in boxes of detergent at the grocery store!
 I've gone about my way collecting them as I find them in thrifty places.
you see...
...I truly love this print.
I figured it would be perfectly lovely as a birthday card too!
And THAT'S why
 I've spent the last few days printing off and making cards for my shop
Each card is hand glittered and placed in a cellophane bag for safe keeping
I hope that someone will see the
wit and humor in my
"Doily Delish"
On the local homefront it's:
I've been working hard to peel, chop & render all our
Gravenstein Apples
into warm goooey & delicious
apple sauces & desserts.
The Asian Pear Tree
Oh Lordy...


  1. Hi there! What a charming blog you have! I just found you via Koralee and thought I would say hello. I have three sisters, two of which were born in September. My dad was also a September baby as is my Grandpa and nephew and father-in-law! So yes - lots of birthdays this month!

    Love your apple pictures, by the way!

    1. Well Hello + Hello! :)

      Any friend of Miss Koralee's is a friend of mine! Nice to see you here...and thanks so much for stopping by. Hope your September goes off without and hitch and is filled with fun times to be had for all!

      p.s. thanks for the sweet words...they mean so much to me...

  2. Happy Birthday month to you all!! What fun!
    Your cards are darling...off to take a peek at your etsy shops. xoxoxo Hugs.

    1. Thanks bunches and oodles sweet friend, hope you are enjoying all of this delightful sunshine we are having! xx


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