Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Filing Away the Distracting Creative Clutter

 Hello + Hello!
I've been slowly but surely picking away at the creative clutter in my
newly painted studio...
It's been quite the fun and crazy adventure to say the least.
Retro drainboards become filing cabinets...
 ...doors become table tops...
 ...your child's rocker becomes office furniture...
...and wooden shoes become vases.
In the meantime...
 ...friends give you all this distracting junk to play with!
 I'm totally in love with this vintage crepe paper!
The colors are delicious!!
 The wooden spools with dreamy colored threads?
I could play with them all day!
if only I could find the key to putting
"time in a bottle"
If only I just had more time to play around with all the lovely goodies I keep finding
whilst I'm going through the piles.
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  1. nice shots, what a pretty work space!

  2. Somehow I missed this post earlier this week:it is all just so lovely!!! Love that little green basket/ drying rack and your klomp of course! :-)
    Good luck with your husband's sprained ankle! I broke mine almost three years ago missing the last step of the stairs. I didn't need surgery but couldn't walk for two months and I still sometimes feel it! They gave me the most amazing boot to wear the whole time (also at night) with air bags in them that you could pump up. It really helped to keep my foot stable...
    Anyway, good luck with that! Have a wonderful weekend with that wonderful weather we've been having! :-)

    1. Hey Marjan! :)

      Thanks for stopping by my friend. Yeah my hubby is feeling a bit better now...but not too happy about being a bump on a log. He also has a boot for later when he can put a bit of weight on it. Right now he's pretty immobile. We'll see how long he can last? At least his job is part job site and part office work. He works in HVAC and thankfully has enough office work to keep him busy for awhile until he can be on his foot again. (He prefers to be on sites out in the field...he's a hard physical worker, and likes to stay active as opposed to sitting at a desk...but I'm thankful that he can do both!)

      Enjoy the rest of the weekend, and all this fabulous September weather. It's one of my favorite months here in the Beautiful Pacific Northwest!



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