Monday, December 10, 2012

Welcome to my Studio Tour; a Before & After Affair

 Hello + Hello!
How are you all doing today?
I hope you are well?
I was wondering if you'd like to go on a little tour of my colorful studio?
Some of you know that I took this room over from my husband after our kiddos were born and we needed the space throughout the rest of the house for bedrooms.
( My craft space was once on the second floor and was first inhabited by Tristan and
then was taken over by Elliot.)
Chad used this room like a den for the computer and his guitars among other guy stuff.
It was a quite a ManCave in olive green, persimmon orange and black!
(Think cozy Starbucks colors from 2000)
As you can see it was dark, dark, dark!
(Pardon the pre-digital snapshot.)
Wish I could show you the rest of the room....but alas...we must move on.
As our needs have changed over the past 10-12 years here in our
cozy cottage bungalow....
I realized I wanted a space where I could still be on the main floor of the house,
yet be out of the mainstream walkways.
I needed a room to create in and do business in.
(After 4 years of hard work and rearranging....)
My new studio does all those things and more!
I need to say this:
I am very thankful to my hubby for all the help, support and generosity of giving up this space for me. He realized how important it was for me to have a work space of my own.
(Fortunately we have a larger basement, and he's happy to have much of that space for his things.)
Light filled and cheerful is what I was going for here.
I was also craving a feminine touch.
Living with one man and 2 boys doesn't allow for much in the feminine colorways.
The poor boys endured many of these items in our living space
 as they waited patiently for this room to be done.
as soon as it was....the pink all came to live in here!
I love it!
(I think they might too!)
 I can store my hoards of vintage hangers here... my funky collections too!
 I had been collecting bins and containers for years!
It was wonderful to finally begin to find organization in all my chaotic cardboard boxes.
I tried very hard to purge as best I could as I was filling every bin.
Admitting that I still have all my vintage stock in plastic tubs in the basement would be the right thing to do here.
Anyone who has Etsy shops filled with vintage goodness knows that you still need a storage area for all the goodies whether they are listed....or are awaiting their debut online!
Mine are exquisitly shelved and stored in new storage containers awaiting their happy homes.
 Here's a happy little white feather tree with some Christmas spirit!
The funky old pj's were found thrifting....
I couldn't pass up the adult full sized hot pink footie pajamas!!!
Someday they will be a photo prop...just you wait and see!
Here's a shot of the swanky hot pink neglige'
You just never know what you might use old junk for...this is a perfect
Bachelorette Party card!
So you see....collecting junk can actually be useful!
C' with me here people!
"work table"
was once one of the two doors to this room.
I just plopped it on top of the two rolling rack storage bins from the craft store and made do.
I don't need the door to the hallway why not?
It was a way to save some cash and get funky creative all at once!
The scene on this worktable changes with the seasons, or the work I'm doing at that moment.
I also had fun with my wall space!
This photo (above) was taken to show how you could use
washi tape to enliven a boring cork board.
I'm so happy to have two windows and two doorways to let lots of light into the studio!
I also have a fair amount of wall space to work with for artwork and shelving.

 The artwork and what-nots change frequently as I find new goodies thrifting etc...
the jadite green rocker above was used with both my little boys
(now 6 & 9)
as they were babies being nursed or rocked to sleep.
It holds a special place in my heart.
>S I G H<
This fun deer head was silver and sat around at our shop poking shoppers with it's antlers.
I guess folks just weren't interested....or not "getting it"...
I took him home and doctored him up with a
vintage fabric mod poded makeover!
He now lords proudly over the studio
making sure nothing but good times and whimsy would be had by all who enter the space!
Thank -you
so much again for visiting with me here on the blog.
I always appreciate your visits, comments & questions.
I hope you enjoyed the tour of my
creative space....
May it inspire you to make a space of your own, whether it be big or small...
all creative space is worth working for.
Believe me, after 4 years of picking away in my free time on this...
I'm happy to say:
"It was totally worth it!"


  1. Hi Trisha. :). All I can say is WOW!!! I can see your fun loving personality in every corner of your new studio. Your creativity and joyful personality are such an inspiration to me.

    Congratulations!!! Enjoy your beautiful, colorful, girly space. :))

  2. Your studio looks amazing! bet you don't want to leave when you get in there :) enjoy!

    Bee happy x

  3. I love every single thing about your space! I'm so happy for you that you have this place to feed your creativity and girlyness. I can't imagine life without my studio. Once you have it there's no going back!

  4. what a pretty workspace! i like how you've turned the door turned into a worktable too :)

  5. That looks Ab Fab Trisha! Something to dream about for sure! :-)

  6. Gorgeous, Trisha! So fun and colorful and full of little bits of inspiration! My studio is still a work in progress, but it cheers me to know it took you a while to go from "before" to "after".

    Thanks for sharing your space!

  7. Wow!! Awesome love it I could move right in

  8. Love your working space, charming, colorful and joyful! have a great week❤

  9. What a great space and so you! Love all the color...of course...because we love the same colors.

  10. Love your gorgeous workspace! So girly and pretty and colourful!
    Well worth waiting for! x

  11. So colorful and fun, just looking at the pictures of your studio make me smile!


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