Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Boring is a Disease; I Found a Cure (Side effects may vary.)

Hello + Hello!
Oh yes....it is I...the weirdo!
I think it is very possible that there are people out there who might actually think I'm
some sort of serious person.
(Mind you, a very few....and not for long.)
I can see that at work there are times when I must maintain a certain...
uh....how shall we say...
truth be told
I'm somewhat of a complete dork!
I sing in the shower...well....I sing in the whole house too, and the car...and well just about anywhere especially when I'm alone with a radio type device.
I don't just sing with MY voice...I sing with accents, male voices and even opera!
(You should hear my Bing Crosby voice right now, it's in peak form!)
My favorite thing is dancing like a maniac to techno music.
Yeah...I said techno.
("Party Rockers in the House To-night....Everybody's Gonna Have a Good Time...
SHAKE THAT! bu bu bu bu beepa duh, bu bu da bu bu bu...dah....)
I digress.
I eat olives on my fingers when no one is looking.
My favorite toy is Flarp.
I secretly want a whoopie-cushion in my stocking this year.
You can find me reading all the funny stuff on Pinterest with tears in my eyes!
(Although I don't repin most of them as they are too naughty!)
Snarky comments are freakin' awesome.
Nerf guns RAWK.
My dog's name is "Olive, the OTHER Reindeer."
Marbles make me happy.
(Might be because I've lost mine?)
Pop Rocks are a food group.
If there were a movie about my life it would be played by Drew Barrymore.
Color isn't something to be afraid of, boring-ness is.
I'm 39 & my shoe size is 10...or....is it my age is 10 & my shoe size is 39?
you get the picture.
Speaking of pictures....
I've had alot of fun with these seriously dorky outtakes!
You know,
having to come up with a good photo for a publication
(or even your facebook pic)
is alot harder than you'd ever think right?
I know I'm not alone on this one....RIGHT???
if you HAVE to look stupid
trying to get a good photo...
you might as well have some fun doing it right?
Only the real weirdos
( eh-hem...AKA moi)
are silly enough to share them publicly.
if you were listening earlier
you would know that is characteristically
Take me or leave me...but for heaven's sake...
while we are together,
let's enjoy our time together!
Remember to laugh people,
it's the best cure for
Party on!


  1. What a delightfully entertaining post...and I was singing right along!

  2. GREAT post!
    and just for the record, i've NEVER thot you were 'normal'.
    'non-normal' is a really good thing! :)


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