Saturday, January 19, 2013

Calming Whites & Wintery Cozy Time

Hello + Hello!
I'm sure you're all enjoying this more peaceful time of the year?
What??? No???
Well, if you're like me, peaceful time doesn't come until at least February.
My Januarys are busier than my Decembers with market etc...
that is why I have decided to treat myself to a relaxing
perusing of the newest issue of
which just so happens to be the
White Issue
How peaceful it is to look at all the lovelies in white calming peaceful tones.....
I can feel my blood pressure lowering...
now that you know you'll be much better off by
viewing this sweet magazine filled with delights such as
crafting, decorating, baking & supurb writings
I'm sure you'll hop right on over!

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