Friday, January 18, 2013

My Atlanta Market Experience

Hello + Hello!
Well....I'm happy to say that I've arrived home from a really fun
(albeit exhausting)
trip to market in
Atlanta, Georgia.
I had so much fun working with my sister and partner La Von
our friend and store manager Kim.
We worked the market from 9 in the morning till 9 at night 3 days
from 9-5 for 3 days...
and even on the last day from 9-1 in order to catch our plane.
We STILL didn't see the whole show!
If you can imagine 3 buildings with 18+ floors each filled to the gills with
gifts, furniture, jewelry, food & paper products with everything in between....
you'll start to begin to understand the
overwhelming size and monstrosity of
Atlanta Market.
Here are some highlights:
(right to left)
1. Best thing of market was meeting Jo Packham of
She was awesome!! I was able to get her to sign a copy of my
Where Women Create Business Magazine!
2. Cute vintage style truck I am excited to get into the shop for the 2013
Christmas Season.
3. Inspiring displays are always part of the reason for going to the bigger markets;
they are so inpiring!!
4. If you have to look at Christmas in's nice for it to be so pretty!
5. Really excited about the new colorway we will be introducing to our customers at
Grandiflora this Christmas 2013. Finally a color way I can relate to personally!
6. The many floors of the 3rd market building which houses the temporary exhibits & lots of
really great accessories for your wardrobe. There was a flash mob here in this building last year!
7. Temporary booth from a company I love...Papaya!
8. This is a bag I actually ordered for myself from a lovely French importer.
We rarely get to buy items for ourselves...but this was so great that I decided to tack it on
to one of our orders. Yay!
9. A rare occorurance to sit down at market in a beautiful Dutch showroom.
We are excited to get their pretties in for Christmas 2013.
we went, we saw, we bought.
It's amazing how much yucky stuff we had to wade through to find the gems for
it was all worth it!
We hope you'll get a chance to stop in either shop in the next month or so
 as the new product starts arriving from market.
We are pushing the limits of the shoppers in our area this year with
a huge color infusion...
along with our already great selection of
naturals, creams, greige & rustic palette.
I'm pretty stoked!
Cheers to you all!
You can soon find out more about my adventures at markets and some trend spotting
in a new column I'll be writing for an online magazine....
but I'll keep you posted when it goes live later this Spring.
Have a great weekend!

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  1. Can't wait to see everything...put me on the Christmas schedule!!


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