Friday, March 8, 2013

Festive Ice Cream Sundae Flags Tutorial DIY

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I thought I might drop in here and share a few more outtakes from the
little book feature I did for
If you'd like to know more about this
awesome crafty ice cream book
Today I wanted to share a few photo outtakes of
my ice cream cozy
share a simple tutorial on making my ice cream sundae flags.
Although the directions for the ice cream cozy are in the book
(Wouldn't want to spoil it now, would we?)
The simple instructions for the
sundae flags are not.
here we go:
Gather your materials:
-bamboo skewers
-assorted ribbons (wired works best)
-ruffled confetti fringe paper garland
-extra sticky craft glue
Cut a piece of ribbon about 7-8" long. Coat the inside of the ribbon with the tacky craft glue.
Lay the blunt end of the skewer in the center of the ribbon, and fold ribbon over on itself.
Allow to dry. Meanwhile cut a piece of the paper fringe garland about 2" long.
When the ribbon is dry, trim the end in an inverted V shape.
Twist the ribbon to look as if it's flying in the wind.
Glue the paper fringe garland snippet to the top and allow to dry.
(If you can't find paper fringe, use a pom-pom instead.)
Festive Ice Cream Sundae Flags!
These work great for cupcakes and wedding cakes as well.
I hope you enjoyed this simple little tutorial.
Like I said earlier,
if you like these ideas and more....
you can find a ton of them in
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