Friday, March 1, 2013

The 7 Things I'll Share Today

 Hello + Hello!
Having a quicky stop-in to say
To share 7 things from my week so far...
you'll see the photos I snapped via
while I was at the
I enjoyed the garden/room from
the best by far!
Although the gardens were very nice...they just didn't have that
factor that they had 8 years ago or so.
the new vintage collection area was absolutely beautiful!!
(Only a couple of snaps turned out from that I'm only able to share 2 here.)
Last but not least...
I bought myself a new pair of Atlas Nitrile gloves in
So, my mission was complete.
It was a fun day spent with my mom, sisters & nieces having alot of fun together.
We also junked our way down to the show...
more on that tomorrow.
While I was away.........

My sweet hubby was studying his new book
(from the library)
which is all about knots.
This man can master new knots & braids like nobody's business!
He actually whipped this fun little bracelet out for me in no time flat!
I love that guy.
that's it for today.
Stay tuned for more things I'd like to share

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  1. Fun times! I love Wight's, Molbaks too! Can't wait to see what treasures you found :)


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