Saturday, March 2, 2013

The 14 Things That Made Me Smile This Week

 Hello + Hello!
Dropping by again to share a few things that made me smile this past week...
14 things to be exact.
Personally, I enjoyed a bunch of junking this past week.
Treasures were everywhere!
I was able to find an antique shell encrusted box for my bathroom cabinet;
it was labelled 1930, Paris. Pretty amazing huh?
It has old mirrors that are losing their silvering on the sides,
& it's in perfect shape....for only $3.00!
I found a vintage granny square afghan in disrepair, so I decided to disect it...
now I'm waiting on the inspiration I need to decide what to do with the pieces!?
I found hoards of good vintage fabrics & items for my Etsy shops too!
Now that I've washed them all, I need to figure out which ones are staying and which ones are going to need to find a new home.
I treated myself to a few cheap thrills too!
I bought a new necklace with colorful beads from my own shop
some sweet little primroses for my window sill.
($2.00 well spent!)
Other than that,
we've been trying to keep up with our chickens & their
egg production!
While I was at work this past week....
I took a few snaps of the new items that keep pouring in from our
January buying trip to Atlanta.
New jewelry, scarves & purses showed up;
as well as new votive cups, flower pots & candles too!
I love to do the displays when I get the chance to.
Taking the photos for the shop is also pretty fun.
going to market & buying all this product has to top the list.
could never be accused of being a boring place to
own, or work at!
We have LOTS of fun there together as a family,
 and with
our employees who are basically our friends too!
Hope your week was just as fun as mine,
I wish you a wonderful weekend filled with joy!!!

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