Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Green Meanie: Creating A Monster In My Kitchen

 Hello + Hello!
How are all my lovelies this new week?
Are you having the winter time blues yet?
Don't worry.... Spring is just around the corner!
I have been trying everything to keep positive, as it's been so dreary around
here lately with so much rain.
One way I've found a bit of cheer in my day is this
wild concoction I made up in my kitchen the other day.
I call it
I have been trying to be good about taking this product below:
 Have you been on
lately seeing all the hype about
Bragg Raw Unfiltered Organic Apple Cider Vinegar?
I have...and I can tell you that I'm taking it very seriously.
Now HEAR ME when
I tell you that I'm no expert...
I'm not even a health nut.
my mom used to drink vinegar for a number of reasons...and it kind stuck with me.
I don't mind the taste of it alone in a cup of water.
However, it gets a little blah day after day.
I decided to create my own "drink" to shake things up a bit.
(get it? SHAKE?!)
This drink is not a miracle.
It won't change your life;
it will just make some
"good for you"
easier to drink.
It does not taste like a Margarita....or a Pina Colada.
It tastes healthy...
but does NOT taste bad.
It is filling & nutritious.
now you have a reason to drink water
(because that's always pretty good, right?)
and eat an orange & some spinach
(think of all that fiber & vitamin C!!)
you can get some of that
apple cider vinegar
goodness too!
Want to know more about the benefits of
raw organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar?
I recommend checking this list out
over HERE.
You can find so many more articles online just by googling
apple cider benefits.
I hope this is an inspiration for you.
Remember, I'm no expert.
Just thought it might be nice to share
the benefits of having a
in YOUR kitchen.

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