Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hosting First Grade Caped Crusaders at our Treehouse

 Hello + Hello!
I just wanted to swing in with a little something different for a change.
Some of you may know that I spend the bulk of my time with
my family which includes not only my hubby...
but two wonderful little boys!
It was our pleasure to host a very grand party for our youngest son Elliot
He decided he wanted to have a Batman theme....
so off to Gotham we went!

 Elliot has always loved super heros!
Frankly I think he likes Batman most because he has such cool gadgets!
(big brother Tristan is in the background helping Elliot's classmates up into the tree house)
We had quite a pile of Caped Crusaders at the tree mean....BATCAVE!
 There were pinecone wars...
 ....rope flying lessons....
 ....and tactical skillz courses.
All the caped crusaders did fantastically,
even with the water bombs & pizza!
 The whole party was filled with fun & laughter by all.
 The best part?
After all the presents were open,
we were able to celebrate our little boy turning 7!
Happy Birthday Elliot!!!
Each Caped Crusader was able to go home with a little
tactical gear and treats.
It was a really fun day for each of us...
but we were exhausted in the end.
You only turn 7 once,
and we made sure it was a really fun day!
Elliot you are totally worth it!

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