Monday, June 10, 2013

Girly -VS- Tomboy? Which One Wins in Your Life?

Hello + Hello!
How have you folks been lately?
Did you have a wonderful weekend like me?
I enjoyed my weekend to the fullest....and it was all pretty simple stuff really.
I was happy to be able to prep for a little
It was a pretty "girly" line-up too!
I must admit....I like a little pink in my life...but living with all boys in the house
dictates how much of it I'm able to decorate with.
having an Instasale allows me to play with the pink stuff for a while....
and then find happy homes for it in the end.
It was a successful sale, and I'm happy to say most of the items found new homes.
On the other flip side of my weekend however....
I had some fairly
Yes, that's my bloody hand.
I was practicing my archery skillz
shooting bow (target practice) with my sons and husband on Friday night,
& I ended up getting a little scratch/cut from the fletching (feathers)
on the arrow.
Oh yes....I am a woman of many talents!
It was off to the fishing derby at our local park!
 Where Elliot (and his older brother Tristan) promptly caught his (their) limit.
I calmly sat (in my incredibly adorable and girly chair)
and watched as their dad did most of the work
(thanks hunny! xo)
The best part about the fishing derby this year???
Not only did the boys limit out...
but all the other little kids around us who caught their limits
decided they didn't like to
"eat fish....eiuwww!"
since the fish were dead by that point anyway,
they gave them to us and my handsome hubby smoked them all!
We are enjoying smoked fresh trout....a lot!
And last but not least,
after much other doings and goings....
we ended the weekend with a friendly visit from our local
ice cream truck;
the Sugar Shack!
girly, tomboy or otherwise.....
my weekend was fun & filled
with all good things for girls & boys!
Hoping yours was too?
Have a great new week everyone!

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  1. I'm girly all the way...I don't know what I'd do if I had to hang out and do boy stuff. I did get invited on my best friend's family vacation. She wants me to go because her husband and son will be fishing the whole time and she wants to do girly stuff with me. But I don't know if I can take the whole being at a lake cabin for a week!


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