Saturday, June 22, 2013

Play Your Vintage Cards Right; A Bunting DIY Tutorial

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How are you all doing today?
I hope you are well?
Today I'm going to share a simple little tutorial with
old playing cards.
I seem to find these fun little sets of playing cards while I'm out thrifting.
Honestly, I don't play cards all that often,
but when I do it's pretty much
Go Fish, Old Maid or Uno with my sons.
Although my boys are learning new games that include regular
card playing....they have their own set of cards they like to use.
since I have no use for the cards in their original purpose....
I do like to purchase them for their fun design alone.
hmmmm.....what to do with these little cuties?
Well in order to enjoy the illustrations on a daily basis,
Want to know how? It's pretty simple, so here we go:
 First: Gather your supplies.
- Assorted vintage playing cards
(You could also use scrap greeting cards; imagine a fun Christmas card bunting!)
-Thick string, bakers twine or yarn to match
-Piece of tape
-Scissors or cutting board
-Hole punch
measure to the center of the bottom on the face of the card.
From that measurement either free hand cut with a scissors or with the cutting board
out to each top corner. This will create your triangle.
 Then, hole punch the top two corners.
Next, wrap tape around the end of the string/yarn & begin to
thread your pennants on.
You can make your bunting as long as you like!
If you end up having a poker can simply flip the bunting around
and enjoy your cards at face value!
I think this is a fun little tutorial,
and can be used for many different applications.
Imagine this in a child's room with vintage
old maid cards or memory cards....
birthday parties with vintage birthday cards...
in a classroom with vintage flash cards.
You can go on and on!
I hope this little project will inspire you to come up with your own
little buntings.
Remember, they are fun for celebrations....
but in my opinion, bunting is for everyday enjoyment.
Celebrate life, make and hang some bunting!


  1. Now that is adorable my friend....I have a few decks around here too. Hope your Summer is starting out with oodles of blessings. I have been so busy lately with lots of things happening that I have not been able to get down to your shop...soon I hope now that Summer is here! In the meantime I am sending you a BIG hug. xoxoxox

  2. Hello there! So happy to have found you and be able to support my fellow pnw bloggers!
    This is super cute!!!
    Happy Sunday ;)
    xo- Kaara @ In the Kitch with Kaara


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