Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's That Time Again:'s Instasale Time!

Hello + Hello!
I know....I know....
Where have I been all month???
Well, frankly....
I've been trying to hold my life together by a thread....thank heavens it's a strong thread.
Life has been SO BUSY lately here in the Brink household!
We were off camping as a family for some R&R during the 4th of July weekend.
Immediately afterward I was off to
Atlanta's America's Mart buying for our shop
That alone has been MORE than enough to keep me busy.
most recently
I've been prepping for a rather big
which will be taking place later this year
(Exciting....but extremely stressful work has ensued for this event. It's turning out to be
a love/hate relationship; but more on that later....)
Couple all those things with the day to day living of a working wife & mommy....
& you have a delirious life!
I am not complaining one bit mind you....
just trying to excuse my profound lack of blogging this past month.
now that I've got that explained away....
(wink, wink)
now the good Lord has given me a tiny little window of opportunity to do something that I enjoy doing so much!
I am so excited to announce another instasale over at my IG feed called
I hope you will join me over there if you have the time.
Until then....
I'm gonna head out and try to snatch up a few rays of sunshine while it's
still relatively easy to do!
Cheers my dears,

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  1. Ill be there watching! I have loved following you on Instagram! I read the story of you and your son shopping together, and of his illness. How touching. Our daughter has Celiac Disease, and something called Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome. I totally understand the need there is to connect with your child, and to have a little extra to help ends meet.


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