Friday, August 2, 2013

Ya Gotta Try

Hello + Hello!
Hope you've all been doing quite well lately?
Hasn't the Summer been flying by?
The weather has been so glorious here recently & I have been slacking off.
kind of upset with myself that I haven't been taking the time to myself that I need
to be creative everyday.
If you're like me, your Summers are usually filled with lots of things to do....
good things.....
but LOTS of good things.
I am making a pact with myself that from here on out,
I'm going to spend a little bit of time everyday
trying to get creative.
That is why I came up with this new sign
to remind myself that I need to
"Try Hard Every Day"
If you think you need a little inspiration too
(maybe to exercise, clean or even relax!)
you can find copies of my print
(watermark free)
over here at my ETSY shop
Wishing you lots of success in whatever you are
"trying hard to do"
 my friends!

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