Sunday, September 8, 2013

Making Rustic Apple Pie: Therapy For My Weary Soul

 Hello + Hello!
So, I was having a bit of a downer day today.
Ya' know... got a little sass of frump from a grump...
needless to say it turned my day sour.
rather than let it get me down
 I took the kids to the park,
found a lovely little spot
& plunked my bum down.
Honestly my life has been on overdrive lately for more reasons than one.
(I won't go into details because I know you all have busy lives too!)
So it felt sort of good to just sit down and watch the kids play.
After a while I thought hey...I haven't been on
in I pulled out my very smart phone to see what was new.
(p.s. my kids are old enough to play on their own now...just in case you're
thinking I'm a terribly bad mother.)
So, back to Pinterest...
I was shocked at how much I had missed on the boards!
 everything is all:
"Pumpkin this... & Pumpkin that."
And that's when I saw it....
I knew instantly that I had to go home,
because something inside of me screamed:
Yes that's right....
Not so much eating the pie
(well, that's pretty doggone good too...)
but MAKING it!
As soon as the kiddos were tuckered out,
straight to the car we went.
 I'm not a professional pie person,
usually using the refrigerated pie crusts; you know....the easy way.
But this recipe inspired me.
Having almost everything I I went
straight to the kitchen.
I didn't waste any time gathering ingredients.
I had to tweak a few things here and there in the recipe...
but I kept at it....
enjoying every minute.
 As it turns out, all I really needed was time for my mind to escape.
I didn't have to deal with the frumpy grumps of the world;
just me and the pie.
A time to let go and just create something lovely and delicious
 with my own two hands.
 Gosh it sure smelled good in the oven....
 Hardest thing was letting it cool!
Once it did however, I didn't waste any time cutting into it!
I dished up a piece just for myself
(knowing I'd soon be sharing a few pieces with my loving children)
and sat down to play with some
vintage Fall colored wallpapers.
It was delicious!!
Sweet, buttery & flaky goodness.
it turns out
Pie really does fix everything.
My injured feelings felt better,
I enjoyed the afternoon with my kids
on top of all that...we still had
Here's to second helpings!!!
Want to know what I did differently?
I didn't have kosher I used regular instead.
I didn't have turbinado I used brown sugar instead.
I didn't have I used parchment paper and a pizza stone instead.
Voila'; easy peasy lemon squeezy!
Everything about this pie/tart was divine
even without the extras.
May your frumpiest of frumpy days
 be filled with {the making of}delicious pie!


  1. looks delicious! my daughter makes our pie crusts from scratch. i should show her this recipe :)

  2. Yum! This looks so so SO DELICIOUS!
    Xoxo - Kaara @ In he Kitch with Kaara


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