Monday, October 7, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend: We Needed One 'THIS' Much!!

Hello + Hello!
How are you all this lovely new week?
I am feeling refreshed and renewed after a very fun weekend
filled to the gills with lots going on.
Don't know about you folks,
but September has literally kicked my butt.
I've been toooooo busy.
This weekend was a great opportunity to
spend some quality uninterrupted time with my
little family.
Friday was the night we actually got to go out alone (as a couple)
to celebrate my 40th Birthday
(which was back in September)
& we had a
Here is a little collage of all the fun we experienced together...
Good drinks, great food & a wonderful movie called
Oh my stars.....literally....stars.....this movie is
GO, RUN to the box office to see it!
If you can afford to, make sure you see it in IMAX 3D!!!
It will blow your mind.
Don't...I repeat...DON'T wait for it to come out on video,
it will lose something on the little screen.
After we recovered from a late night out,
we worked out in the yard picking the last of the fruit from the trees
cleaning up the yard as much as possible until more leaves fall.
Some of you wouldn't consider that relaxing...
but I sure do!
Did I mention it was
Oh yes it was!
Then...on Sunday
we went to Church and heard an amazing message...
after which we piled into the ol' Suburban
took off for the mountains.
The sun was shining
and there was a Subway along the way,
which was great, because hey...
I was supposed to be relaxing remember??
The first stop
(after the quintessential Subway visit)
where we marveled at the rushing waters & beautiful trees.
One must understand that there is no
place you can get a good photo of
Nooksack Falls.
Sadly many people learned the hard way that there was no
"perfect spot"
to view the falls.
So many people have tried finding the hidden spot...
it doesn't exist...and now they don't either.
We respect fences, they are there for a reason people.
we headed for the hills!
And this is where I MUST ask the age old question:
I beg to know how it's possible???
There were so many breathtaking spots along the way to
We stopped a few times for some view shots...
before we actually made it to the top.
where we were surprised with fresh
The boys were thrilled!

(I was a little less than thrilled that I hadn't taken my boots along.)
We had fun throwing snow balls at each other
(Well, they had fun...I was still trying to gain a calm demeanor from
the last trek up the hill to get there. It was a "little" scary.)
I remember not being bothered by this when I was a kid...
but now?
Hmmmm.... did I mention I'm 40 now?!
Also, I'm happy to say the
Suburban has heavy duty tires & 4 wheel drive,
because we needed it:

I enjoyed myself so much...
I felt like a little kid again
(well except for those scary wash-outs on the road).
 I was so happy to share this with my sons & my mountain loving hubby
(who tends to think wash-outs are a challenge to be conquered, not avoided).
It was a great weekend.
We need to do this more...
if only there wasn't always so much going on at this time of the year.
Oh well,
at least we made some unforgettable memories together.
We even made it to a friends'
roadside 'punkin' stand.
We are certainly blessed.
hoping your weekend was amazing too!
Happy new week my friends!


  1. Looks like this was even better than Franklin!!! Glad you got some much needed refreshment and some fabulous family time!
    Now that you're not busy (insert chuckle) I need a blog tutorial!!!! I want bigger pictures and cute little inserts and....maybe I'd blog more if I knew how to do this!
    See you tomorrow!

  2. Hi Trisha,
    Looks like a wonderful little get away with your family and seeing all you do, I would say it is most deserved. Xox


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