Sunday, October 20, 2013

Market Report : Gathering up Greige

 Hello + Hello!
How has your Autumn been thus far?
Hopefully wonderful!
I just stopped in to share some outtakes
from my last
Have you gotten a copy yet?
Oh, it's so lovely!
Don't wait....get it soon!
I loved the beautiful photography
sweet styling by each of the lovely contributors.
 In my report I speak mainly about the color trend of
(grey mixed with beige)
as a perfect back drop for the
newer resurgence of
 If you've noticed pops of intense color saturating the monochromatic
greige scheme
you're not alone...
 I'm seeing it too!
I kinda like it!
 It's a cool mix of neutral, industrial & pops of neon.
I like that it's exciting....I will always have a soft spot for bold color.
 It's a sort of
Rustic Romance...soft textures set against raw materials...
 ....natural materials....
 ....and imperfect.
And you can find out more about it in my report.
Hope you can enjoy this season of harvest doing all that you love best.
One of the things I like best is looking out for new trends...
speaking of which...
I've just written my next report, and you can look for it soon over at
Until then my friends....


  1. I love the greige with the neons. Love your reports!

  2. So beautiful....I love this look....I must come visit your lovely store soon! xoxo

  3. Gorgeous!! I love all the textures! I've been a Pinterest-repinner of yours for some time...and it's good to finally make my way to see your lovelies over here!

    1. Hi Jessica, Somehow I missed this comment earlier (sorry!) so happy you were able to come by for a visit!! I've been neglecting my blog trying to get ready for a house tour in two I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things coming up soon. Pinterest is a naughty pleasure for me & it's been extremely helpful to me in planning our ideas for this I'll be seeing you over there again soon! Thanks again for stopping by my new found friend :)


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