Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Lovely Surprise... My "Get Well Soon" Blog Feature

Hello + Hello!
Just stopping in here to say a big
(long time no speak....sorry about that)
Frankly January is always MY craziest month.
I wish I could have a slow peaceful month like most folks who actually complain
about being bored in January.
But, alas no. I be hoppin' busy!!
I've been off to market for a week in
Atlanta....then came home to be stuck in bed for a week with the flu.
Next it's taxes, inventory & the one good thing...magazine/blog feature deadlines.
But, all in all it's truly necessary and ultimately..... good stuff in the end.
anyway....until I can have a bit of time to myself to formulate a
well written creative blog post for your enjoyment....
today I'm going to share a surprise blog post which was featured
by a sweet old friend
Claire of
What a happy day it was (after being so sick)
 to wake up and have such a sweet feature
on my home and studio.
Claire is always reporting on the charming-est
parts of home d├ęcor and crafting.
If you've never taken the time to slip over to her blog....
you are in for a big treat!!
I love all that she features,
 and find myself pinning and re-pinning from
her Pinterest feed & her blog
on a regular basis to my own
I urge you to take a moment & refresh yourself
at Claire's
I know I did...
I bet you won't be sorry you did!

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