Saturday, February 8, 2014

Tight on Time... Valentines!

 Hello + Hello!
Happy Valentines Week!
Are you feeling like your back is against the wall?
( Kinda like I am? )
You've got so many things going on as a working mama,
your kids need Valentines for school
there's probably no way you'll ever have the time to
 bake those cookies you said you'd bring to your
next "organized" gathering?
have I got a fun
quick and easy
Valentine Sweet
for you!
 Gather up some simple ingredients:
Tub of Cream Cheese Spreadable Frosting
Package of Graham Crackers
Fun Valentine Themed Sprinkles
 First grab a butter knife and spread a dollop onto 1/2 a graham cracker.
Sandwich the frosting with another 1/2 graham cracker piece.
As the frosting oozes out the sides, spread to cover the edges evenly.
 Dip the sandwich into the sprinkles...
 ...on all four sides & set aside.
 Move on to each graham cracker sandwich repeating as you go.
 If you are like me, you'll have to sample as you go.
 As simple as this "recipe" sounds,
you will be
by how tasty the
sandwiches really are!
Not only are they super cute & super tasty....
they are super easy too!
Win>>>------> Win
Here's to a sweet & easy new week.
May you celebrate the old loves of your life...
but don't forget to find some new loves too!

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  1. These have been my favorite snack forever...I love the sprinkles!



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