Monday, February 24, 2014

Calling Cards; Let's Keep In Touch!

 Hello + Hello!
How are you?
Are you buried in a foot of snow like me?
are you one of those lucky ducks
sunning yourself on vacation by a pool right now?
either way...
"Let's Keep in Touch!"
 What?? You ask.
Let's Keep In Touch!
Remember when 
Laura Ingalls Wilder 
tells the story about getting
Victorian calling cards?
The kind you'd leave with a new friend you just met?
Picking out your card was a matter of personal taste...
the card itself would define you.
Can you identify with Laura's thrill of choosing &
exchanging name cards?
Me too!
It seems I'm often out and about at
vintage shows, shops or simply at the grocery store.
Someone will ask me a question about what I do etc...
a conversation begins & suddenly I'm handing out a business card.
I love that we have such pretty business cards at
but sometimes...they are a bit impersonal if
the situation calls for a personal touch.
Although I am so proud of what I do at
it is not the sum of who I am.
I've always wanted personal calling cards
for just such occasions.
Ever since being asked to host a giveaway on my blog
by the folks at Minted, 
I've been pondering on getting some
"calling cards".
Have you seen how many beautiful designs they have?
I wanted my cards to be
cheerful; a personal light hearted reflection of me.
Not too much to ask for....right?
(wink, wink)
I was lucky enough to find the perfect card!
The best part about Minted,
is that they allow you to take a pre-designed concept
personalize it to better fit your style.
for the front.
On the other side I added one of my own photos
(a vintage flower stuffed mailbox)
dubbed with a simple saying:
"let's keep in touch"
I love how they turned out!
The cards came in the sweetest little slider box perfect for tucking into my purse!
I am thrilled with the results I found at
The whole process from design start,
to home delivery was just over a week!
Impressive right?!
Happily, now I'll be ready to connect with those around me
on a more personal level...
my friends...
is a very good thing.


Hello + Hello
I can't wait to hear from you!!!