Monday, March 29, 2010

Garden Prayer

One is nearer God's heart in the Garden,
than anywhere else on earth.

That was written on a plaque that my Grandma and Grandpa had in their garden at the entrance. I always said it in my head everytime I came and went from their home. It was just what I did, because it was totally true. My grandparents were master the kind that go to school for it. No, the kind that learn how to garden from neccessity. When prayers were prayed for crops to yeild high; when plates weren't filled to the brim...they were filled to nourish. My garden is a joke compared to what they were capable of. However, I did learn a great many things from them....most importantly that nothing would grow without God.
Plain and Simple.

When planning your garden this year, why not take a minute and ask for blessings beyond measure....for crops to over produce.....and flowers to bloom profusely. If you ask for the right reasons, I know He'll bless it. Think of all the sharing you'll do with neighbors you never talk to, food shelters who need your surplus, and that sweet old lady a few doors down who is lonely and needs a little bouquet to brighten her day.

I must've been nearer to God's heart while snapping this picture in my garden this weekend....everything written above isn't wise, sound advice from me...but from Him...because frankly...I don't do all of those admirable things is what He wants me to do...and what He wanted this photo to be all about right here on this blog.  I hope I'm not the only one listening, and that I'll practice what I preach this harvest season.

Blessings to you all, hoping you had a great weekend...and wanting to hear about it! :) Prayers for a good week ahead for everyone!

Toodles, Trish :o)


  1. I just asked Randy when we were going to plant our garden! Last year we chose to plant a yard instead - couldn't do both!


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