Thursday, November 8, 2012

My Newly Remade Swatch Wall Reveal!


 Hello + Hello!
Hey all my friends!
Guess what I FINALLY got a chance to take a photo of?!?!?!
YEP... newly reworked Swatch Wall!
I'm not sure if you were counting the weeks since I promised that I would rework the wall and get back to you???
it's officially been TOO MANY!
I've been crazy busy over at my shop
helping to put out Christmas Decor
(among many other various details)
here it is!
My new Swatch Wall:
 I was so excited to try taking down the pink in my living and dining areas for the fall.
I have to admit, it's pretty nice to see it gone for a bit.
I kept the turquoise and blues but added a big punch of more mustard!!
 Making my hoops was very theraputic too!
I collect vintage fabrics and I didn't have to go far for inspiration!
I would like to put some more detail into the hoops...but for now this little
smidge of embroidered
will have to do.
 It's been great adding the boys'
hand prints from Kindergarten to the mix as well!
 I never know what a hoop will turn out like until it's done.
I've also hung my hoops on top of eachother in layers for added texture.
I'm sure there are those more
folks who think I'm a total dingbat for decorating this way...
....and to them I say:
"Yep! I am just a bit crazy...and I'm all the happier for it!"
They can be as serious as they want to....but me???
 Adding some cozy candles has been essential for those really cold/wet nights.
 I love to burn candles in this enormous hurricane.
The boys pressed these leaves for me to use from our own maples.
 I also love to keep cozy blankets on hand for chilly nights...
 ...these woolens stay on top of the game cabinet for spur of the moment blanket forts or living room campouts.
My boys and hubby and I all have fun playing board games together here in our living room.
We also like to watch movies together....but.....
 It's been fun to have the Swatch Wall surrounding the flat screen T.V.
I mean seriously...what else do you hang on a T.V. wall???
Just thought I'd also show you our
His & Hers
chairs too which face the T.V. Swatch Wall.
hope you have enjoyed your time here on this little living room tour?
What do you think?
Do you like a swatch wall in your home?
What do you hang on your T.V. wall?
Just curious...
Thanks for stopping by and being patient with me on my journey to
reimagine my
Swatch Wall.
Want to see what it looked like before?
You can...just head right over
I'd love to hear your feedback!


  1. it looks great! i love how all the colors tie in and the crocheted doilies and little bird... ;)

  2. Adorable!!!! I have added that mustard goldish colour to my fall decorating too. Adding it to the tree this year! I so want to come visit your shop really soon! Love to you and enjoy your sweet new space!


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